Mosaic as an Oil Painting Technique

| 04 December, 2016 15:46

by Dena Tollefson

What are your thoughts on mosaics?

Mosaic is the thousands-year-old art technique of assembling small stones, glass, metal or other materials into a pleasing permanent pattern, with origins in early Mesopotamian and Roman art. 
There is a textural contrast and depth between the materials and ground.

I find mosaics fascinating how the individual pieces all contribute to the whole- I want my paintings to have a similar idea where overlapping petals of paint all stand on their own and then contribute to the total.

In the painting technique Daubism I developed, I am going for a low-relief sculpture in paint- a mosaic of oil paint daubs on a smooth oil paint ground, with all the little daubs working together to form one overall image.

Shown here is a detail closeup of my painting "Breath of Heaven: To Frolic" The painting is 48" tall and 72" wide.

I hope you see the influence of mosaic in my work, especially in the waves.

Closeup of  "Breath of Heaven: To Frolic" copyright Dena Tollefson