I am a Colorist and am known for contemporary realism focusing on botanicals and landscapes, especially ponds, flowers and skies. My sky paintings are my idea of how God created Earth with one breath. Every morning and every evening He creates a new sky for us.


 I employ vigorous brushwork and texture through the palette knife in my work so that people may experience along with me the "feel" of the painting. I find mosaics fascinating how the individual pieces all contribute to the whole- I want my paintings  to have a similar idea where  overlapping petals of paint all stand on their own and then contribute to the total.


My  work known as "Daubism"  is created using a palette knife where each stroke of color is isolated from the others. Most paintings will have hundreds of different colors, these colors are all individually hand-mixed from a limited set of colors creating unique colors which relate to one another. I am striving for a sensual, tactile surface in paint."

"I am always excited when someone connects with my artwork- I am delighted to share a vision of color and beauty with my collectors"- Dena Tollefson